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20th August 2019

Jahre Viking - The biggest ship in the world.

Construction of this oil tanker began in 1979 for a Greek shipping magnate, who was declared bankrupt before his ship could be completed. C. Y. Tung bought the incomplete ship. Under an agreement the builders would increase its length so the Dead Weight Tonnage (full load) could be increased from 480,000 to 564,763 tons. The ship was finally commissioned in 1981 and named Seawise Giant.

Seawise Giant was first operated in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. She was later transferred to the Persian Gulf to be used for exporting oil from Iran. In 1988, during the Iran/Iraq war, she was attacked by Iraqi jets and hit with Exocet missiles which led to her sinking in shallow waters at Kharg Island. A few months after the end of the Iran-Iraq War, Norman International bought Seawise Giant, had her refloated, taken to Singapore for repairs, and renamed her Happy Giant.

In 1991, before the repairs were completed, the vessel was was sold again and renamed Jahre Viking. During the late 1990s, the ship was bought by Olsen Tankers. In March 2004, she was sent to Dubai Drydocks to be refitted as a Floating Storage Unit. She is now called Knock Nevis and is permanently moored in the Persian Gulf, operating as a FSU.

This ship is so large, four football fields could be laid end to end on her deck, stopping distance is about four miles and fully loaded draft is 25 metres.